Team 25 Update

Team Members

Since our last update we have found 7 new runners, bringing us to a grand total of 39! These include –

– 2 from Twitter
– one member of staff
– one Trustee
– one from the Big Expo event (we were really cheeky)
– a supporter, who has previously run the Half Marathon in the Hollywood Monster mascot suit – this year we may even get to see his face!
– a parent from Hallfield School who are supporting us

Congratulations must go to two of our existing team members – well done to Lucy Bridge on completing the Silverstone Half Marathon, and to Joe Farley on completing the Major Series 10k! Thankyou both for raising sponsorship for Edward’s Trust at these events!


For those of you who are running your first Half Marathon, this article from Runners World links to training schedules for all abilities. There’s also more training advice on the site which, being as un-sporty as I am, I haven’t been able to try for myself, but it has been recommended by one friend who completed the Cardiff Half Marathon, having never run before.

I’ve also collected some tips from friends that are runners – all of them have completed at least one Half Marathon, most have done more than one; two have done a number of full marathons; and one is currently training for the full London Marathon! Find those tips here:


I have attached a sponsorship form, so that you can collect sponsorship from people offline as well as online. Of course, don’t forget to set up a Just Giving page – the longer your page is up, the longer you have to raise money! The more detail a page has, the more successful it tends to be, so please include as much information as you can.

To help with raising sponsorship, I will be including stories, quotes and information which you can share to show the real difference you are helping to make. Hopefully this will also help keep you going when your legs are getting tired! For this update I’ve included some general quotes from service users about the difference Edward’s Trust has made. (You will find testimonials and full stories in the Notes section of our Facebook page if you would like to read more.)