Team 25 Update

There’s a few exciting bits of news to share!

Team Updates

We are now up to 53 runners! A brilliant bit of recruiting by Phil McKenzie has brought in 5 runners from Hollywood Monster, and three new runners from HSBC means we’ve got a bit of competition for who is the most athletic company! We also have a past service user and two friends, a Young Ambassador, the son of a Patron and Stuart Moseley, Director of SJ Mortgage Solutions, along with his partner.

Which brings me on to our most exciting update – We have a sponsor!!! Thanks to Stuart, SJ Mortgage Solutions ( ) will be providing funds for very snazzy, newly designed running vest for everybody on the day. Hopefully this will make us stand out, and you can wear our professional looking shirts with pride! It also means we have more of a budget to make a real spectacle on the day, so that when you pass us at Mile 11 you will get a whole extra boost for that last stretch. Thank you SJ Mortgage Solutions!

We would like to order these shirts as soon as possible, so if you haven’t done so already, could you please email me the size shirt you will need (they come in small, medium, large or extra large, unisex sizes.)


I am very excited to announce that everybody who raises over £100 in sponsorship will receive a voucher from Up and Running for 10% off shoes and a free pair of technical socks First time runners might find it helpful to know that Up and Running also have a gait analysis service to ensure your shoes are the best style for you. When you create a Just Giving page, link it to and I will check regularly to email out your vouchers!

On Thursday 26th June, we will be hosting an evening especially for you! Our counsellors will be here to meet you, from 5 until 7, to give you more of an insight into what we do and how your efforts will help. In the past runners have found it really inspiring, and said that it helped motivate them on the day, knowing where the money they have raised will be going. It’s also a great chance to meet each other and share tips.

As inspiration for now, here is Sarah’s story, to demonstrate how your hard work can help people:


There is some pretty good training advice here about motivation and getting into an exercise routine:

Because it’s the Wolf run site, some of it will be aimed at ‘wild running’ obstacle courses rather than a straight forward run, but the rest is useful!

(We are thinking of entering something similar to this next year, so if you think it looks like something you’d enjoy let me know, as the amount of interest will determine how big of an event we make it.)

A few people have mentioned that they would like to train with other runners occasionally. If that sounds good to you, let me know and I will put you in touch with each other.

Keep up the good work!


Tips from Real Life Runners

We at Edward’s Trust may not be the sportiest bunch you’ll ever meet, but we do have some sporty friends. So, especially for Team 25, we asked our friends who have run Half Marathons – “what advice would you give somebody training for their first Half Marathon?” Here are the responses we got:

Antonio: Keep running!
Get good trainers, pace yourself and don’t get too competitive. A lot of injuries are caused by people trying to show off

Lynsey: Only increase mileage by 10% each week, great hints and tips in women’s running magazine. Incorporate threshold training, continuous hills training and core once each a week, and stretch!!! Reaching your goal is the best feeling in the world!!!

Adam: Just pace yourself, set clear and achievable targets and draw up a running plan in the 12 weeks before to steadily increment the number of miles you run. Always allow recovery time after a run and don’t forget to take energy gels and bars.

Vicky: Don’t eat anything you’ve never eaten before on race day!!! And don’t swing your arms back and forth and hips side to side, its a waste of energy!

Leo: No matter what your legs are screaming, your mind needs to engage and keep pushing.
Sports drinks aren’t all they are cracked up to be. Eat well and hydrate throughout the day. I trained for the Liverpool marathon without consuming a single sports drink.

Greg: A half marathon is just a 15km warm up with a 5km race at the end – pacing is key (I’m aware I left 1.3 out, but 16.3 doesn’t sound as good!)

BONUS – James is currently training for the London Marathon – yes, the full 26.1 miles!
James: aim to be hitting the speed / distance you want two Sundays before the race then ease off in the last two weeks, doing shorter easier runs so you have bags of energy on the day.
Trust your body. if you feel exhausted / have a niggle then take a day off. Injuries happen when you’re tired and are much more damaging to your program than missing a day.
If you have some tendonitis / muscle pain get some sports tape. Youtube how to wrap the area correctly. The stuffs brilliant.

Please remember these are friendly tips from hobby runners, not trained professionals. These tips are in no way intended to replace advice from experts. For expert training advice, please see a personal trainer or gym instructor. For injury advice, see your doctor.

Team 25 Update

We currently have 31 runners running for Edward’s Trust – but there’s still plenty of time to keep recruiting! Amongst those we have:

· service users past and present
· representatives of businesses who support us – notably Tyndallwoods as always, as well as Thomas Vale, Barclays, HSBC, Pinstripe Printing and more.
· a Patron of Edward’s Trust
· a number of new runners found on Twitter, who are totally new to Edward’s Trust! It’s pretty exciting that we have spread the word to people who had never heard of us before, especially such enthusiastic new people!
· Family and friends that I have ‘gently encouraged’ to take part, and may well be indebted to for a few years to come

No matter where you’ve come from, Thankyou everybody for signing up to support Edward’s Trust! Every penny you raise will help us make a difference.

Just Giving runs a blog with some great tips for fundraising, but they have summarised their top tips here: Essentially, the more personalised you make your page, the better. Include pictures if possible, details about Edward’s Trust, and if you are a service user maybe share how we have helped you.

To let your sponsors know the difference their money will make, I will include quotes, statistics or personal stories on each update, so that you can share these if you find them inspiring.

£30 a month would buy 15 leaves for our memorial tree at the National Memorial Arboretum
£20 a month would get Memory Books for 20 bereaved children to remember their parent, sibling, or carer.
£10 a month would buy Remembrance gifts for 10 bereaved families to commemorate their loved one.

£100 would provide a fun day out for a bereaved family who may otherwise struggle to find the money, time or motivation. Bereaved children particularly need to know that it is OK for them to still have fun and be happy, even though somebody has died.
£50 would buy a set of craft materials to help children who find it easier to express their feelings creatively than in words
£25 would provide one counselling session

The Junior and Mini Events which take part before the Half Marathon are now also open for entries. If you know a child aged between 3 and 17 who would like to get involved, or perhaps even a school class, they can be part of the day by running 1.5km (under 8s) or 2.5km (over 8s). You could even train as a family, community or school. We want to have a good presence in these events as well as the main Half Marathon, so if you know of any young runners, make sure to mention it to them.

Best wishes with your training!