Tips from Real Life Runners

We at Edward’s Trust may not be the sportiest bunch you’ll ever meet, but we do have some sporty friends. So, especially for Team 25, we asked our friends who have run Half Marathons – “what advice would you give somebody training for their first Half Marathon?” Here are the responses we got:

Antonio: Keep running!
Get good trainers, pace yourself and don’t get too competitive. A lot of injuries are caused by people trying to show off

Lynsey: Only increase mileage by 10% each week, great hints and tips in women’s running magazine. Incorporate threshold training, continuous hills training and core once each a week, and stretch!!! Reaching your goal is the best feeling in the world!!!

Adam: Just pace yourself, set clear and achievable targets and draw up a running plan in the 12 weeks before to steadily increment the number of miles you run. Always allow recovery time after a run and don’t forget to take energy gels and bars.

Vicky: Don’t eat anything you’ve never eaten before on race day!!! And don’t swing your arms back and forth and hips side to side, its a waste of energy!

Leo: No matter what your legs are screaming, your mind needs to engage and keep pushing.
Sports drinks aren’t all they are cracked up to be. Eat well and hydrate throughout the day. I trained for the Liverpool marathon without consuming a single sports drink.

Greg: A half marathon is just a 15km warm up with a 5km race at the end – pacing is key (I’m aware I left 1.3 out, but 16.3 doesn’t sound as good!)

BONUS – James is currently training for the London Marathon – yes, the full 26.1 miles!
James: aim to be hitting the speed / distance you want two Sundays before the race then ease off in the last two weeks, doing shorter easier runs so you have bags of energy on the day.
Trust your body. if you feel exhausted / have a niggle then take a day off. Injuries happen when you’re tired and are much more damaging to your program than missing a day.
If you have some tendonitis / muscle pain get some sports tape. Youtube how to wrap the area correctly. The stuffs brilliant.

Please remember these are friendly tips from hobby runners, not trained professionals. These tips are in no way intended to replace advice from experts. For expert training advice, please see a personal trainer or gym instructor. For injury advice, see your doctor.