Holding Your Own Tea Party

Invite your friends to join you for your own tea party to raise money for Edwards Trust. Provide cakes and drinks, or ask each person to bring along cake and biscuits (or other foods you think are suitable) which can be sold for a small donation. You could also provide tea and other drinks for a small donation.

This could be a small event you host at home for your friends, or an event you hold at work for staff and customers. You could find a local venue and hold it as a community event, perhaps at a church or school hall, or in collaboration with a local business at their location. No event is too small, every donation helps!

Raising Money

As well as entrance donations and money from the sale of cakes, try to include other money raisers while people are there.

Hold a raffle
Have a competition people can enter, such as guessing the weight of a large cake, or guessing who baked which items.
Hold an auction
Have a bring and buy sale – this could be related items such as baking utilities or tea cups and tea sets, or whatever people have spare that might sell
Create your own recipe leaflet to sell

Encourage/challenge guests to hold their own tea parties for other circles of friends
If you know anybody good at baking or decorating cakes, ask them to hold a master class, which others can pay a donation to attend, to teach everybody else!


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