How to Help Us – Without Spending Any Money!

Wonderful supporters – would you like to be able to help Edward’s Trust without it costing you a penny, or taking any time away from your day? Well, you can! We have a task for you – not even a challenge, because it’s so incredibly easy.

All you have to do is spread the word of Edward’s Trust – but not just to the same people who hear it again and again. We’re setting you a target, to tell one new person about Edward’s Trust every week. How easy is that! That one person a week can be absolutely anybody – everybody who hears about us is one more potential supporter. They may even go on to tell others about us.

We currently have over 830 Facebook followers 1800 Twitter followers. If each of these 2630 followers told one person per week about Edward’s Trust, even if nobody else joined in, it would take less than 18 months for our current 2630 to have spread word around the entire population of Birmingham!

Remember, you never know how that person may be able to help us – whether they give an hour to volunteer or leave us their life savings in their will, that is help we wouldn’t have had without you spreading the word!

Within your normal routine, there will be hundreds of ways you can spread the word! For example:
– At any shop, bar, supermarket, or anywhere that has collection tins on a counter, ask the member of staff serving you how the charities are chosen, and suggest Edward’s Trust.
– Contact us to get a spare running vest to wear when you exercise. They are bright pink, and so they’re unmissable!
– We did say it wouldn’t cost you a penny, but if you are happy to make a minimum donation of £1, our wristbands and pin badges can make a great conversation starter
– When discussing any TV programmes, soaps or current affairs that relate to bereavement, remind everybody of the situations where Edward’s Trust can help.
– After attending one of our events or volunteering, make sure you tell everybody where you’ve been and why our work is worth supporting.
– Seek out keen runners, cyclists and general sporty people, and remind them that they can be sponsored for challenges to help small charities like Edward’s Trust
– Any time you meet an Edward!

The wonderful bonus is, once you have worked your way through everybody you know, you will have to start making conversation with new people – you never know who you will meet and how they could make your day!

Make it a habit to look for opportunities to discuss Edward’s Trust. Or if you need encouragement to keep the momentum up, keep a record of who you tell each week – you could even post on our wall or send us a tweet about who you have told.

It really is that easy!


World Book Day

For World Book Day we’ve stuck to what we know – we thought this was a good time to focus on the great books out there for helping children cope with bereavement.

Children’s Books
These books are great to read with children to help understand death or bereavement. Good for helping your child at a time of bereavement, or ready for when they start asking questions.

Always and Forever, Alan Durrant

Feather Pillows, Rose Impey and Robin Bell Corfield

Someone Very Important Has Just Died, Mary Turner

The Huge Bag of Worries, Virginia Ironside

What Is Death? Etan Boritzer

What on earth do you do when Someone Dies?

Adult’s Books
These books aim to help you deal with a bereaved child in the best way.

Helping Children Cope with Grief, Rosemary Wells

Grief in Children, Atle Dyregrov

Understanding Children’s Experiences of Parental Bereavement, John Holland

There are some great resources out there so that nobody should have to face bereavement alone.

Edward’s Trust triumphs at the IAB Awards!

On Saturday 30th November, Edward’s Trust attended the Birmingham Institute of Asian Business Awards. We were represented by founder Peter Dent, Fundraisers Stephanie and Laura, plus Stephanie’s husband Mark, Patron Claire Seymour, along with her husband James and friend Eva, Trustee Neil, and volunteer Anita, who also brought a friend. We were nominated for the Outstanding Contribution to Society Award, but against Northfield Eco Centre and Birmingham Children’s Hospital, the chances seemed slim.

After a wonderful three course dinner of traditional Indian dishes, and speeches from some of the top Asian businessmen in Birmingham, the awards got under way. Outstanding Contribution to Society was the third award, and each nominee had a one minute video shown. We prepared our best BAFTA faces, got ready to clap another deserving winner, and then – “The winner is… EDWARD’S TRUST!”

Edward’s Trust is not run for admiration and congratulations – we were set up after one family felt the desire to support others through the bleakest experience you can imagine. However, our counsellors work incredibly hard, and dedicate a huge amount of passion to supporting others. Comments from many of our supporters prove that they do a fantastic, and much needed, job. Our founder Peter Dent and CEO Christine Bodkin have dedicated 25 years to our organisation, asking for no recognition in return, because they truly care about helping others.

Photo by Jas Sansi - full set as above

Photo by Jas Sansi – full set as above

It is fantastic to see that these hard working people are recognised, an honour which they all truly deserve. We would also like to thank all of our supporters that make our work possible – every volunteer that supports our work, every person who donates to us, anyone who has ever done any fundraising, any business that has ever sponsored us or our events. And of course, our service users, who make our work worthwhile! Thankyou all.