About Us

Why We Love Ou Charity!Edward’s Trust was set up by Peter and Hillary Dent in 1989 after they lost their son Edward to Cancer at the age of 7.

We provide support for families who are facing a bereavement or who have been bereaved – not only by illness, but by any cause of death.
For parents who have lost a child, we provide counselling, bu also take a holistic approach to support, having our own dedicated complementary therapist, and running respite weekends where parents can get away from the stresses of everyday life and meet other parents experiencing similar grief.
For children who have lost a parent or sibling, we offer counselling with dedicated staff experienced in child bereavement, who work in a number of ways. We can also provide this counselling in school through our outreach program. We also provide social activities, including an annual Christmas party, to allow children time to be young and have fun again, and to meet friends who have been bereaved. We also have a dedicated counsellor for the children of bereaved parents, to help hem deal with their own grief and to provide support in how to care for child suffering from bereavement.
We also work with professionals, providing supervisions for those working around death, to help workplaces that have been affected by a bereavement, or to guide employers on how best to support an employee who has been bereaved.

Watch a Video About Edward’s Trust


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