Thank you Mom

My name is Ryan, I’m 21 years old. When I was 11 I lost my grandad, this was my first time dealing with death at an age where I could understand what it meant. When I lost him, I went into myself, I lost all my confidence, trust in the world, happiness and sense of humour. It also lead to me developing anxiety.

The effect was I lost all the trust in the world, with losing someone close, it meant that I had a constant worry of losing someone else. Especially my mom, she is one of the people I’m closest too. I became very overprotective of her; I had to know where she was at all times. Every Time I had to leave her, I had to know everything, where she was going, how long for and when she would be back at home.

This was very strong within me, in my first year of secondary school, I was in a constant state of worry about losing someone else. This really started off my anxiety, which I still suffer from today. Without my mom, the anxiety would be much worse. With the counselling from Sue at Edwards Trust, my anxiety has got much more manageable, I still have moments, but the majority of the time I can cope, without the continued support of my mom this would not be the case.

Edwards Trust 69


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