Losing a Mother Figure

Hi, my name is Kiran Mistry; I am 19 years old and studying at sixth form. I came to Edwards Trust, because at the age of 10, I lost my granddad on the 1st March 2006 to a stroke and my grandma on the 10th March 2006 to cancer.

Even though she was my grandmother, she was a mum to me, and every year I would always buy her a card and a small present. Now that she is no longer with me, I’ll go out and there will be lots of signs about Mothering Sunday and I’ll see something like a photo frame, a jewellery set or even her favourite perfume that would be the perfect gift for her, and it will instantly bring back the memories of her.

During the first few Mothering Sundays, I used to feel all these companies would bring these signs out and gifts just to rub salt into my grief, but slowly, over the years, it hasn’t brought me more grief but has helped me remember and cherish all those special moments I shared with her. I still buy her a card every year and place it in front of her photo just to say how much she still means to me and how I am trying to make her proud of the young lady I am turning into.

Mothering Sunday is a day, which I use to remember her at her best and thank her for everything she taught me when she was here and remind myself that she may not be here in person but her watchful eye is never far away.

All these years without her has helped me to cherish all the moments I spend with my mum and aunts today.



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