A Mother’s Day Poem

Relax, relax, someone help me!

Please please calm down as you have your melt down again and I breath and I breath as you slowly go into la la land.

The medication beat you,thank god!

The quiff wasn’t ready back then but your peach fuzz was.

Dad digs your pride out as the blade cuts the straw like hair and my little Humpty Dumpty is born out of the mist of her chemotherapy treatment; her horseman couldn’t put her back again as she fell from her wall…I’m sorry but I made you smile, even though there were too many cracks to mend.

You remember the doctor toy you brought me? You said, and I’m sorry if I paraphrase, but ‘oi idiot you know a lot and one day your going to be a doctor or something that helps the wrecks in life’,

You always knew I would do good but if you stayed around longer you would have more reasons to be proud but I personally think your looking down from your cloud and smiling as we used to do before the cancer consumed you.

I know I know I am not good with dates but there is no such thing as mothers day as I do it everyday and I celebrate your life each and everyday; apart of me died when you did but I carry a part of you too. You are never truly over.

Happy mothers day my big old sweetie

Archy xET Xmas 2014 web-193


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