10 Weeks Until the Birmingham Half Marathon!

According to the Bupa Great Run Facebook page, there are now only ten weeks (or 9 weeks and 6 days) to go!! Which is very exciting! The running vests are ordered, and tomorrow I’m ordering decorations for the day! So if you haven’t yet secured your place in the run, please do so soon!! http://www.greatrun.org/Events/event.aspx?id=14

And also, it may be time to set up your Just Giving page at http://www.justgiving.com/edwardstrust.

If you haven’t seen on Facebook and Twitter, WE ARE NOW OFFICIALLY THE BIGGEST EDWARD’S TRUST TEAM EVER! Chantrey Vellacott have entered 10 runners, which takes us up to 77. If we include the 7 children in the Mini Marathon, and a team of a currently unspecified number from Mander Portman Woodward Sixth form, we have definitely beaten 2011’s record of 73! So well done all of you on being record breakers before you’ve even set foot on the course!

So, we should hopefully be in for a great year fundraising!! Including the 77 definite adults:

If all of you raised just £200, that would make £15,400 for Edward’s Trust – enough to provide a full course of wellbeing support for 70 bereaved parents, to ease the physical symptoms of grief.

If everybody raised £300, the total would be £23,100, which could provide 770 counselling sessions.

If everybody raised £400, we would get a whopping £30,800 would fund full counselling for 28 children (based on the average amount of sessions taken) with enough left over for 3 sets of craft materials to help children express themselves non-verbally and create memory items.

There are plenty of ideas to boost the amount you raise here:

That also means you only have 10 weeks to train – but that’s still plenty!

Find 70 great general tips here: http://www.runnersblueprint.com/blog/greatest_running_tips/

The Bupa site also has a section specifically to give you free training advice here: https://www.greatrun.org/Training/Default.aspx

If you would like to be part of Team 25, contact fundraising@edwardstrust.org.uk


Chantrey Vellacott Boost Team 25

Edward’s Trust has received a huge boost to our 25th Anniversary Half Marathon Team from neighbours Chantrey Vellacott, who have put together a team of 12 for the Bupa Great Birmingham Run. ‘Team 25’ now stands at almost 80 people, and still growing – that means we will be celebrating our anniversary with our biggest Half Marathon team ever!

Support has also come from HSBC, Hollywood Monster, Hallfield School, Mander Portman Woodward Sixth Form, and Tyndallwoods Solicitors, who have all entered teams. SJ Mortgage Solutions are sponsoring the team, and Managing Director Stuart Moseley will also be running.

They will all be getting a massive cheer on Calthorpe Road on 19th October, as we will be gathering at Edward’s Trust to support our team as they run past. Everybody is welcome to come down and join us to celebrate our anniversary on what is shaping up to be a very special day!

You can sponsor the team from Chantrey Vellacot here: