We have a very exciting new way for you to support Edward’s Trust!

When using Photobox to create Memory Books and other personalised items, 5% of your spending and up to £6.50 per new customer will be given to Edward’s Trust. All you have to do is follow this link to Photobox:

You can also find this link at the side of this page, and on the Edward’s Trust website fundraising page:

As well as being able to create lovely personalised presents, Photobox items are an ideal way to remember your loved ones. Sarah has written about her experience of using Photobox to make a memory book for her son Dane:

A little while back I was given the idea to do a Memory Book for my son Dane who passed away in 2006, aged 5 ½. I thought I would share my experience of doing this with you as you may feel inspired to do a similar thing yourself as it has bought me a lot of happiness and comfort, my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!
Having mulled over the idea of a memory book for a while I set about compiling a list of people who I would ask to contribute. This list grew as I included not only the obvious family and friends, but also school teachers, healthcare professionals and others who had known Dane .
I drafted up a little note explaining what I was hoping to do and then I distributed this to all those on my list either hand delivered, emailed or by text. In the note I asked them to think of a time that they may have spent with Dane or a particular thing that they remembered about him, it didn’t matter if it was just a line or two or a whole page, the choice was theirs.
To be honest replies took a while to gather in and a few people needed a ‘gentle nudge’! Some worried about what to write but I reassured them that there was no ‘right or wrong’ thing to write, just something that they remembered.Dane's memory book
After several months I had a nice collection of replies, about 40 in total and I discovered that different people mentioned different times and activities in his life, some of which I had forgotten about, others told me tales which I had never known before. All in all I was delighted with the response and set about looking through the numerous photo albums I have of Dane to see what photos I might have to accompany the many stories. I was surprised to find that I had pictures for most of them.
Having then typed up all my responses and uploaded photos I was ready to create my memory book. I used a website called ‘photobox’ which was user friendly and helped me create a very professional book at a very reasonable price.
My finished ‘masterpiece’ took some time to create as I fiddled around with text, pictures and embellishments but it was a labour of love and I enjoyed doing something positive in Dane’s memory. When the book arrived I was so excited to show it off, everyone who has read it so far has given so many compliments and although the odd tear has been shed it is a very vibrant, positive book recalling happy times that we have spent together.
I am so pleased that I now have this lasting tribute to Dane, a record of his life and times spent with those who were special to him.

By Sarah Bradshaw