Team 25 Update

Hi Everyone,

We are now up to 57 runners, including two more members of staff from Hallfield, a service user, and the son of one of our patrons. Hopefully those of you who attended our abseil had a good day and are all fired up with fundraising now! We noticed a certain enthusiasm for fancy dress (HSBC, I’m looking at you…), and that’s a great way to get more attention during the run. As long as we can pin “Edward’s Trust” onto you somewhere, it would be great to have some outfits in there.

For your fundraising inspiration, we are going all out this month! We have organised an evening on Thursday 26th June, from 5-7pm at our offices at 43a Calthorpe Road, where one counsellor from each team will be here to give a brief insight into the work they do. Hopefully one of our ambassadors will also be there, to tell you how our services helped them personally. In previous years people have found this really inspiring, both in fundraising and if they struggled during the run – knowing exactly how your efforts are helping people can really keep you going. It’s also a great way to meet each other, swap tips, plan training together, or even plan some team socialising if you want (I expect an invite to anything in a pub!). This one is aimed at Team 25, but if you would like to bring along colleagues that is also a great way to spread the word. If you are coming, please register here so we have some idea how many crisps to buy (sorry, but I’m looking at HSBC again!)

Anyone who hasn’t had a training vest but would like one can also collect one on the 26th June. I have officially begun ordering our snazzy new shirts, as funded by SJ Mortgage Solutions! For those of you who haven’t run with us before, (and as confirmation for those who have), we will once again be meeting at the Symphony Hall before the run, so we can give out your vests for the day then! It also means you and your supporters can have drinks and nibbles, and use the toilets, rather than waiting outside.

That seems like a lot of information, so I won’t bog you down with the usual links! But in case anybody particularly looks forward to them, this is an interview with a runner who does a lot of Half Marathons and Marathons for charity, which sums up why running for a charity is so great, and backs me up that knowing how your efforts will help really can motivate you when you need it.

Hopefully I will see plenty of you on the 26th June!