World Book Day

For World Book Day we’ve stuck to what we know – we thought this was a good time to focus on the great books out there for helping children cope with bereavement.

Children’s Books
These books are great to read with children to help understand death or bereavement. Good for helping your child at a time of bereavement, or ready for when they start asking questions.

Always and Forever, Alan Durrant

Feather Pillows, Rose Impey and Robin Bell Corfield

Someone Very Important Has Just Died, Mary Turner

The Huge Bag of Worries, Virginia Ironside

What Is Death? Etan Boritzer

What on earth do you do when Someone Dies?

Adult’s Books
These books aim to help you deal with a bereaved child in the best way.

Helping Children Cope with Grief, Rosemary Wells

Grief in Children, Atle Dyregrov

Understanding Children’s Experiences of Parental Bereavement, John Holland

There are some great resources out there so that nobody should have to face bereavement alone.


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