Meet Team 25 – Joe Farley

Joe at the Major Series 10kJoe Farley, 24, is a Year 2 teacher in Solihull. This year will be Joe’s first Half Marathon. Joe is pretty sporty – he’s a football coach, attends British Military Fitness classes, and has run the Major Series 10K twice. But running 13.1 miles on road may be a bit of a shock to somebody more used to mud, rivers and water slides.

Joe is supporting Edward’s Trust – not just because he’s a great, charitable person (though of course he is), but because he’s a pretty good friend too! Joe has known our fundraiser Laura for over 20 years, and their moms are also best friends. Of course, as a teacher Joe also knows that Edward’s Trust is an invaluable service for children facing many people’s worst nightmare, so he was more than happy to help support the service.
Joe and Laura
The ever-popular teacher should have plenty of support from all of his students, fellow BMF-ers, and of course his and Laura’s families. He is also expecting to be bought a pint per mile (not all in one go, of course!) as an extra bonus on top of the pride at finishing! If it helps, I’m sure we could even find him some mud.

You can sponsor Joe here:

To take part in the Half Marathon for Edward’s Trust, email


Meet Team Edward – Peter Dent

peter and whisperPeter Dent founded Edward’s Trust in 1989, along with his former wife Hillary. As founder, you would think that Peter would be safe from adrenaline filled fundraising, but not at Edward’s Trust! He will once again be taking part in our abseil, this year to be held on June 8th, as part of Team Edward – well, we couldn’t celebrate the 25th Anniversary without him! Peter says:

“A lot has changed over the last 25 years but one thing remains the same. The pain of loss when someone special in our life dies. I set up Edward’s Trust all those years ago to build a support network for bereaved parents and children. The intention was not to remove the pain but, simply, to support those in grief. I now plan to jump off a building (I am told that it’s called abseiling) to help to ensure that support from Edward’s Trust will continue to be available for the next 25 years. Can you help?
My aim is to raise at least £2500 (ie the equivalent of 100 people donating £25 each). It would be great if you could help me in my quest to support the work of the Trust.”

“I shall be refreshing my relationship with Whisper the bear for this challenge. This year he has agreed to descend blindfolded! Brave bear.”

You can sponsor Peter here:
This years abseil takes place on 8th June 2014 at 3 Brindleyplace. Registration costs £35. You can sign up for our abseil here:


Team 25 Update

Team Members

Since our last update we have found 7 new runners, bringing us to a grand total of 39! These include –

– 2 from Twitter
– one member of staff
– one Trustee
– one from the Big Expo event (we were really cheeky)
– a supporter, who has previously run the Half Marathon in the Hollywood Monster mascot suit – this year we may even get to see his face!
– a parent from Hallfield School who are supporting us

Congratulations must go to two of our existing team members – well done to Lucy Bridge on completing the Silverstone Half Marathon, and to Joe Farley on completing the Major Series 10k! Thankyou both for raising sponsorship for Edward’s Trust at these events!


For those of you who are running your first Half Marathon, this article from Runners World links to training schedules for all abilities. There’s also more training advice on the site which, being as un-sporty as I am, I haven’t been able to try for myself, but it has been recommended by one friend who completed the Cardiff Half Marathon, having never run before.

I’ve also collected some tips from friends that are runners – all of them have completed at least one Half Marathon, most have done more than one; two have done a number of full marathons; and one is currently training for the full London Marathon! Find those tips here:


I have attached a sponsorship form, so that you can collect sponsorship from people offline as well as online. Of course, don’t forget to set up a Just Giving page – the longer your page is up, the longer you have to raise money! The more detail a page has, the more successful it tends to be, so please include as much information as you can.

To help with raising sponsorship, I will be including stories, quotes and information which you can share to show the real difference you are helping to make. Hopefully this will also help keep you going when your legs are getting tired! For this update I’ve included some general quotes from service users about the difference Edward’s Trust has made. (You will find testimonials and full stories in the Notes section of our Facebook page if you would like to read more.)

Tips from Real Life Runners

We at Edward’s Trust may not be the sportiest bunch you’ll ever meet, but we do have some sporty friends. So, especially for Team 25, we asked our friends who have run Half Marathons – “what advice would you give somebody training for their first Half Marathon?” Here are the responses we got:

Antonio: Keep running!
Get good trainers, pace yourself and don’t get too competitive. A lot of injuries are caused by people trying to show off

Lynsey: Only increase mileage by 10% each week, great hints and tips in women’s running magazine. Incorporate threshold training, continuous hills training and core once each a week, and stretch!!! Reaching your goal is the best feeling in the world!!!

Adam: Just pace yourself, set clear and achievable targets and draw up a running plan in the 12 weeks before to steadily increment the number of miles you run. Always allow recovery time after a run and don’t forget to take energy gels and bars.

Vicky: Don’t eat anything you’ve never eaten before on race day!!! And don’t swing your arms back and forth and hips side to side, its a waste of energy!

Leo: No matter what your legs are screaming, your mind needs to engage and keep pushing.
Sports drinks aren’t all they are cracked up to be. Eat well and hydrate throughout the day. I trained for the Liverpool marathon without consuming a single sports drink.

Greg: A half marathon is just a 15km warm up with a 5km race at the end – pacing is key (I’m aware I left 1.3 out, but 16.3 doesn’t sound as good!)

BONUS – James is currently training for the London Marathon – yes, the full 26.1 miles!
James: aim to be hitting the speed / distance you want two Sundays before the race then ease off in the last two weeks, doing shorter easier runs so you have bags of energy on the day.
Trust your body. if you feel exhausted / have a niggle then take a day off. Injuries happen when you’re tired and are much more damaging to your program than missing a day.
If you have some tendonitis / muscle pain get some sports tape. Youtube how to wrap the area correctly. The stuffs brilliant.

Please remember these are friendly tips from hobby runners, not trained professionals. These tips are in no way intended to replace advice from experts. For expert training advice, please see a personal trainer or gym instructor. For injury advice, see your doctor.