Team 21 2011

Team 21, put together for our 21st Anniversary, are making way for the new Team 25, beginning in our 25th Anniversary Year! So, we thought a look back at Team 21 was in order, to see what the new team on the block have to live up to. So, the runners of Team 21, and their times were:

Chris Dent 01.28.13
Jack Hambleton 01.34.24
Matt Jones 01.34.46
Joe Kavanagh 01.36.59
Graham Demain-Griffiths 01.37.56
Mike Cockbun 01.39.58
Ross MacDonald 01.42.16
Nicholas Champion 01.42.51
Martin Gaskin 01.43.48
James Akehurs 01.46.19
Ollie Leggett 01.46.23
Matthew Murphy 01.47.21
Harriett Ferguson 01.47.22
Paul Barsby 01.48.32
Dara Fahy 01.52.33
Alistair Campbell 01.53.18
Philip Green 01.54.03
James Harper 01.54.20IMG_5642
Mark Bradbury 01.55.15
Nathan Weekes 01.58.26
Benjamin Hammond 01.59.03
Andrew Miller 02.01.48
Frank Colluns 02.04.32
Mathew Lawless 02.08.02
Lisa Cockburn 02.08.32
Andrew Edwards 02.08.44
Helen Jackson 02.09.06
Phil Coombs 02.09.56
Lee Millard 02.10.24
Anna O’Driscoll 02.11.12
Claire Craddock 02.12.47Carmen,Karen, Sue
John Moore 02.13.10
Simon Harris 02.14.44
Josh Robertson 02.16.09
Danny Wheeler 02.16.56
Michael Dyer 02.18.20
Peter Dent 02.21.55
Pete Fielding 02.23.26
Peter Heywood 02.25.38
David Whalley 02.26.53
Jonathon Whalley 02.26.54
Gary Martin 02.27.06
Dirk Martin 02.27.07
Karen Murphy 02.27.51
Carmen Gouldbourne 02.28.01
Simon White 02.29.03
Rachel Louvaine 02.30.11

Edward's Dad and Brother

Edward’s Dad and Brother

Sonia Hallmark 02.38.32
Charles Tompson 02.43.13
Elaine Thomspon 02.43.13
Nikki Marshall 02.43.33
Katie Smith 02.43.46
Julia Cross 02.48.29
Kate Garett 02.48.29
Caroline Dyke 03.17.36
Clare Sillery 03.17.36
Abigail Evans 03.18.43
Ian Buchanan 03.18.43

It seems fitting that the fastest of the year was Chris Dent, Edward’s brother. So, the time to beat is 1 hour, 28 minutes and 13 seconds! The average time of Team 21 2011 was 2.13.49 – lets see how Team 25 compare!


Tea With Santa

Santa himself will have tea with our young children

Santa himself will have tea with our young children

When a member of a family dies often the family becomes fragmented and unable to express their feelings to each other, this often leads to family time becoming less and less and especially FUN time

Social activities form an important part of the work of the children’s team, the children look forward to these special times in the midst of an enormous amount of sadness both within themselves and their family.

These activities provide an opportunity for children/young people to build their confidence, self –esteem and independence in an environment where they feel safe. The young people feel they can fun without feeling guilty and benefit from being in the company of other bereaved children. It helps for children to know that they are not alone in their feelings of grief, taking part in these activities allows them to meet other children who are hurting and they quickly build relationships and bond together as a group.

This year SANTA has set aside some special time from his very busy schedule to have tea with a few of our younger children who for a number of reasons deserve some extra special fun time. This is a chance for the children to meet SANTA himself, feel special and to have fun, lots of jelly and ice cream and of course a special gift.

We would like sponsorship for this event which would include food and decorations and a small gift for each child, items such as lego, cars, puzzles, football’s please help us to bring a little sunshine back into these children’s lives.

Team 21 and Mini Marathon – Great Birmingham Run 2013

I have been a keen runner for many years and after the birth of my youngest child I was keen to get back into my running shoes again and be able to support Edward’s Trust at the same time.

Edward’s Trust Volunteers Preparing to Cheer on Runners

The Bupa Birmingham Great Run seemed like the perfect opportunity to do both.

My godsons Felix (aged 7) and Angus (aged 4) and my daughter Isobel (aged 5) also wanted to be involved & I was delighted when they joined me to be part of the big day.  They were all very excited to be involved in the Bupa Great Birmingham Run 2013 – Mini-Marathon.  What a great day we all had and we thank the Birmingham crowds for their amazing support.

Thanks to generous support of my employer HSBC, between us we have raised over £1,000.  This will help support many more counselling sessions for bereaved families; it is thanks to the amazing work of Edward’s Trust that some so many local families, including friends, have been given their lives back. 

We know how important 2014 will be for Edward’s Trust.  To be celebrating 25 years of supporting bereaved families is an amazing achievement.  Put quite simply, Edward’s Trust changes people’s lives.  We have all entered into the 2014 Great Birmingham Run and we will be proudly supporting the Team 25 Edward’s Trust team.   We might even be abseiling for Edward’s Trust on Saturday 8th June 2014 too!

Donate Christmas Card Money

TOur Christmas Card Treehis year, why not put the money spent on Christmas Cards to better use by donating it to Edward’s Trust?
Employers can download our Christmas Card Tree, and then employees can put their message in one of the baubles, and donate the money they would normally spend on cards.
You still wish everybody in your office a Merry Christmas, but you help us support bereaved families at the same time!